Introduction to a local Savings Group, mother's working together to make a difference in Sierra Leone.

Hello from Bo, the second largest city in Sierra Leone. I've been here for the past few days with World Vision UK, finding out how money donated in the UK has  made a difference in a small rural community nearby. We stayed in Freetown on the first night, the largest city in Sierra Leone and the next morning traveled around 150 miles to Bo, the landscape changing from city to lush green palm-tree filled views as we went.

159. HDYGG

I  was mooching about in grandad's garden one morning this week, after a brief rain shower, and it dawned on me that I haven't taken any photos in his garden all year. All year! A shocking state of affairs which I needed to put right straight away. There's something magical about being in a garden where everything is blooming after a rain shower isn't there? You know the plants have much needed water, maybe it's picking up on their happiness. Can plants be happy? Do you buy into the whole 'talking to plants' and 'playing them music' thing?

Contributing with Connection

Next weekend I'll be travelling with blogging friend Molly as guests with World Vision to Sierra Leone to visit some of the people who were affected by the Ebola crisis firsthand, hearing about all the amazing projects the communities have started to help themselves. Sierra Leone has now been declared Ebola free but it's left it's mark. Ebola didn't just end lives, it changed them too, leaving survivors and families forever affected.  Children lost parents & siblings, seeing the ones they loved the most in the world taken from them by the aggressive and merciless virus. From a family to an orphan, something that's incomprehensible to most of us. On the visit we'll be finding out how child sponsorship is helping keep some of these children safe and helping them get back into school.

158. HDYGG


This post contains scenes of a floral nature that may make you drop what you are doing and head out to the garden. You have been warned...

Blame my mother - it's her garden that features this week.

Emma Mitchell, silverpebble

Instagram and I only started a proper relationship about a year ago. Before that we flirted with one another a little - I’d post pictures of our dog wearing fairy wings, pictures of onion bhajis Mr Mitchell had made and the odd posy. I used yellowish filters and had no clue what I was doing. 

Then I came across a few UK accounts that were beautifully curated, realised that IG was a fantastic creative platform and that I could use it to let folk know what I was making, finding in hedgerows and blogging about. I met up with Sara Tasker of@meandorla and I swapped a crochet lesson or two for a spot of IG advice. Sara truly knows her instaonions - her tips were invaluable.

Cape Cornwall

The St Just coast boasts spectacular cliffs which lead from turbulent Atlantic seas, to a flat plateau of granite, capped by small agricultural fields. Here, since the Bronze Age, tin has been pulled and pushed out of the earth.

In the 19th century, deep shaft mining produced mining booms which had a lasting effect on the character of the Cornish people and their landscape. Now designated part of a World Heritage Site, the St Just coast exhibits many relics of this once thriving industry.

Nature's "Loafers"

The New Forester is a loafer, a dreamer of dreams, a poet, in all but the production. He is content to be a fly on the wheel of life without caring to help its impetus; he is, in fact, somewhat of a "gentleman," in his kindly, idle gentleness. But monotonous work he will not do. For a while he may gratefully accept it; but when the haymaking or rine-ing come round he will take his leave of you, very courteously but very firmly, and will express no penitence if you find him loafing idly in the Forest - his market place - when these occasional jobs are over. Doubtless there are worse ways of life; but a result of this lack of sticking power is that the forester rarely excels - "unstable as water," etc.

This IS Fable & Folk

These past few months I've been here-but-not-here. Blogging and yet only very much in a just-sticking-my-head-in manner. And to be honest, I expected that to be hard, you know, changing my routine from being all about the blogging to being, well, all about work.

The reality is - it wasn't hard at all. This kind of messed with my head, I felt guilty that I wasn't missing it, I started to feel increasingly out of touch with the blogging community. Being 'out of it' made me realise just how blatantly rife the self promotion of some peoples blogs have become. Honestly? I felt pretty sad that that was something I had been part of, something that I too had done.

157. HDYGG


It's just dawned on me that we missed the 3 year HDYGG anniversary last week!

Three years. Woah.

So let's just forget that little oversight and celebrate now - woo hoo! I'm sitting here with the opulence that is a whole 2 teaspoons on sugar in my coffee, brown sugar. Yeah, I know, I totally know how to live it up.

Grab a biccy, small glass of gin, light a candle - whatever floats your boat and settle down for this weeks garden goodness...

155. HDYGG

Good day garden hounds! This changeable weather seems to have unleashed a whole host of floral explosions across gardens countrywide and that's something I'll never complain about. Photos this week are from my mum's garden, which is a riot of colour at the moment. The anemones she bought as a packet of seeds super cheap and have done really well, seeing them swaying the breeze was such a perfect summers-nearly-here feeling.

154. HDYGG

More photos this week from Montreal Botanical Gardens. The plan was to share photos of yesterday trip to The Vyne (National Trust property in Hampshire) but weather stopped play. Bah humbug. One moment I'm dancing round a BBQ on a sunny afternoon with a can of ice cold beer in one hand and the next I'm dodging puddles and trying to maneuver the Battle Royale-esque nightmare that is a playground full of parent and children wielding umbrellas.

Hawkes Point Luxury Holiday Apartments, Cornwall

I recently spent a few days in Cornwall with Kitty and Ozzy, staying at a luxury holiday apartment at Hawkes Point. Located in Carbis Bay, Hawkes Point provides a lovely base to explore the area. There are 6 beaches all within a 45 minute walk including the Blue Flag beach at Carbis Bay, a 5 minute walk from the apartments.

153. HDYGG

You know me, I made straight for Montreal Botanical Garden to explore. They have some amazing glasshouses and I took farrrrr too many photos. I'm sharing a few today and then I'll pop the rest up over the weekend! I took my large Nikon camera and it gave me a nice opportunity to get to grips with using it more. I finally feel like I'm starting to get the feel of it after a good 6 months of having it and being a bit scared of it.

151. HDYGG - Hinton Ampner

The glass houses in the walled garden at Hinton Ampner are roped off, but luckily for me Tanya noticed the look of eagerness on my face and asked the head gardener if we could pop inside them to take photos, our luck was in! Thanks Tanya - mental note to self: if you don't ask you don't get. More in Hinton Ampner soon, in the meantime - on with the photos!

Hell Bay Hotel, Bryher

Hell Bay Hotel is a hotel (the only hotel in fact) on the small island of Bryher, the smallest of the inhabited islands of the Isles of Scilly. Bryher has a diversity of flora and birds to enjoy. Never before have I walked past a hedgerow and heard so much chirruping! There's gorgeous beaches and cliff paths that offer up breath-taking views. Bryher may only be a mile and half long by half a mile wide but it offers so much. Exploring the white sandy shores, looking out onto the crystal blue sea whilst keeping an eye out for the seal family is the perfect way to unwind. 

150. How Does Your Garden Grow?

Firstly, I know it's terribly British but I have to mention the weather. This past few days - blue skies and sunshine = bliss! Tanya and I visited Hinton Ampner yesterday, stopping off at Cheesefoot Head ( on the way back where we strolled through a rapeseed field (photos to come obvs!) It was so nice to be strolling on the sunshine amongst the bees and butterflies with the suns warmth. Heaven!