Flaming Friday-Why aren't there any funny women on TV?


Why aren't there any funny women on TV?

Now just to clarify I know that there are some funny women on TV but  not many, no where near as many as the menfolk.

Now firstly I am not saying that I am the leading authority on funniness -far from it - I'll show you my level of humour right now with my all time favourite joke ... What's ET short for ? Because he's only got little legs. (Well I LOVE that so there).

The problem I have with comediennes on TV is that I just do not find them funny - Miranda, French and Saunders, Catherine Tate and all the BBCs bunch over the years have not appealed to me in the slightest. Recently there have been a few 'funny ladies' breaking through on shows like '8 Out Of 10 Cats' . Issy Suttie aka Dobby from Peep Show (find her here on myspace http://www.myspace.com/isysuttie) is the kind of woman who I'd LOVE to see representing funny women in the mainstream.

My issue / rant for this flaming Friday (and I'm not going to win any prizes for feminism on this one) is that I find the comedians on TV a lot funnier than the comediennes ... Or is that just because for every 10 funny men on TV there is only 1 funny woman ? Papasaurus always rolls his eyes back when a comedienne walks onto to some 'Live at the Apollo' re-run muttering about how she'll only tell  jokes about boyfriends and chocolate and in 7/10 instances he's right.

Do funny women really exist - or are they kept in a cupboard fed only on DairyMilk (or some other sterotypical bullshit) somewhere guarded by some burly security guard for the Beeb ? Now that right there is a conspiracy theory ...